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Winona Student Housing Guide

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Where you live and who you live with has a massive impact on your student life, your University experience and the memories you’ll take with you. Ask any WSU student and they’ll tell you finding off-campus Winona student housing at Winona State can be tricky.

The best student houses close to campus tend to get snapped up quickly and when you find a good one you tend to hang on to it. The good news is that every few years people graduate so if you know where to look and get organised early you will find a great place to live during college.

Housing is crazy in Winona for finding a living space for the next year. Be prepared to have to find roommates and a house/apartment or choose to live in the dorms again by October/November. – (From:

Winona Student Housing

How to Find Student Housing in Winona

1. WSU Official Website

The official WSU website has a PDF list of “Off-Campus Housing” that it keeps updated with a list of local landlords and property agents offering Winona student housing and apartments.

Wazoos List

2. Wazoos List

Join Wazoo’s List Facebook Group which was made for students and members of the campus community to post about subleasing and other student housing opportunities.

3. Get Connected

This might be stating the obvious but get the word out in your class, your faculty, in your building, on your FB status, your sports team or social club and even with ads in your favorite local hangouts.

My advice to anyone attending Winona State is to get involved. Winona is a beautiful area with a lot to offer. Take advantage of all the outdoor recreation, the museums/coffee houses/shops, the community, and the clubs on campus. – (From:

4. Baker Apartments!

Oh really? Yes. We’ve been helping WSU students find the perfect Winona student housing for years. The owner is also a Winona State Alumnus and is a landlord who actually likes students. Browse our range of Winona student houses and Winona student apartments.

map of student apartments

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